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Aproximación visual a la forma definitiva de “Altar”

Obra aún en proceso
(Proyecto “Gallegos del Río”)
Dimensiones finales: 203,5 x 163,6 x 36 cm

Módulos de “Altar”

Pulpa de papel
Dimensones variables

Vistas del mueble del salón y de su contenido


(“Gallegos del Río” Project)
Paper pulp and samba wood
203.5 x 163.6 x 36 cm


The sideboard in the living room is almost a common denominator in every home. Memories, family photographs or objects that have significance for the people who live there are collected on its shelves. The presence of the crack represents the anticipated tragic destiny of what it contains, organises and exhibits between its modules. The importance of Altar lies in the fact that it functions as a death mask for this piece of furniture and the stories it accumulates on its shelves. The material on which it is reproduced, paper, reinforces the fragility of the memory.