Gallegos del Río is about autobiography. A 35mm film with images of ancestors wanted to offer me a different perspective of my grandparents’ house where I had spent so many summers (located in a village in the province of Zamora, from which this project takes its name). The presence of those relatives I never got to know encouraged me to make up for that lack in my own biography, but only through photographic memories that, after all, I had not lived through. Therefore, the only way to approach this episode in my family’s history was to start from the frames that had been left in black on the contact sheet. In this way, I would be able to rewrite that episode through what had not been told, what had not been reflected, the everyday, which could be similar to my own experience with that house, being the same scenario, after all, of two different temporalities. The evocative power of the objects it housed encouraged me to work with its interiors, through photographs and interventions (both graphic and sculptural), to highlight the fragility of the stories that the house held in the face of an imminent danger of collapse.